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Making inroads to new markets comes with an unimaginable amount of leg work. Leverage our proven history and incredible relationships to hit the ground running in the United States and Canada

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Starting a new business is the hardest thing you can do; entering a new market when you are thousands of miles away is a close second. Allow PBG the privilege of distributing your brand with the care and respect it deserves.

We buy, import, sell and distribute proven international brands with strong potential in our market

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“We are building brands, not just putting points on the board. If you want to create strong equity in the North American market, we are the team for you. If you just want sales no matter the cost, no thanks, we can give you the number for those guys".

Ian Widmer - Chief Executive
North America


How do I know who to trust? 

Will my brand end up in Costco?

What aren’t they telling me? 

Can they actually qualify the customer? 

Are they doing all they can?

As former executives of some of the world’s largest brands, these are the questions we would ask ourselves.  We built PBG to be a trusted home for those wanting accelerated and respectful entry into North America.  Your vision is our vision….treat the brand with respect and the consumer will engage!

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