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These brands are our family. No matter how we engage we are all focused on achieving great things together, and having some fun while we are doing it!


The next generation of ski boots


The Swiss Ski Boot

Our heritage combines traditions of European master craftsmanship with advanced digital technology and an embrace of beauty in composition. An alchemy of precision and style enables us to deliver life’s ultimate luxuries: comfort and time.


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Refined Skiwear

It is our passion to develop perfect winter and ski clothing. This presents us with new challenges every day. In harmony with sport and nature, we design and develop our vision to express our conviction. What we do shows who we are.

Sustainability is central. We have set ourselves the goal of changing the industry. We will publish our 3-5 year plan here shortly to show our customers in detail which goals we have set for ourselves.


Driving innovation


Compromise is not in our DNA

We love life and the mountains are our playground. We expect quality and perfection at every turn. We believe functional excellence goes hand in hand with best-in-class design. You can’t have one without the other. We invest at every turn because no cost is too great when driving innovation. With innovation comes perfection and perfection is the ultimate luxury.



Fast and Light


Fast & light

Crazy is a family company where the design, style and all products are personally created by the owner Valeria Colturi. The tests of the garments are made internally... by us, or sometimes with the collaboration of our Crazy friends, athletes and testimonials from mountain lovers like you. We use fabrics from companies that care more about the quality of products rather than marketing. In the mountains we know how to go fast, but we also know how to appreciate mountain times .... and yours!


The free ski company

Movement Skis

The free ski company

All MOVEMENT products come from the same pair of hands before they reach yours. Since decennia, each ski is developed in our in-house facility in Switzerland, which means that the concept of Swiss quality has always been the base of every single design.

Our company is building products since 1980. We started with producing snowboards and added the ski development in 1999. Our expertise is worth over two decades of research and building the best. But who would have guessed, that - exactly twenty years after making our first skis - we would still develop the high-quality product by hand in the same home where the brand was born? Technology is progressive, and so are our teams that work 24/7 to make every part of the production process possible in our in-house factory.

Trip Hero

Let go of luggage

Trip Hero

Let Go of Luggage

As a reformed Lawyer, living and working in Vail CO, Brandon Ford was frustrated with how travellers schlep their luggage and gear on vacation. He set out to revolutionize the travel experience with a singular goal: A world without baggage claim. Trip Hero was born, and nearly 4 years and 5,000 customers later the luggage shipping experience really has seemed to have taken flight. 


All day, every day

The James Brand

All Day, Every Day

We make knives and tools for people who live adventurously - for people like us. For those who aren’t content consuming other people’s stories, and who don’t wait around for other people to fix things. We're with you, from the pocket to the hand, and back again.


Fueled by light


Powered by Light

Lumiton® transforms textiles into a light delivery system for enhanced performance, protection, cooling comfort and wellness

Go further, stay cooler, feel better

Light is critical for overall health and wellness. Our patented technology transforms the sun’s energy into healthy red and near-infrared light using laser science.

The Branded State

Out there starts in here

The Branded State

Out There, Starts in Here

With over 150 years of experience in fashion, outdoor, and action sports, we believe it’s the duty of retailers to give brands a place to live and call home. As we look long term for what’s next, what’s new, and what’s unknown, we aim to curate a platform where brands shine. The home we have created here represents our perspectives from across the USA and it’s a place we are proud to have built for them to call home.


Elevate Your Position

If you are serious about your brand, intense about your commitment to greatness, and ascribe to the mentality….work hard/play harder….give us a call!

"If you are in our family of brands, you don’t get just a piece of us, you get all of us. We don’t know any other way than to be all in.”

DANO BRUNO - N. American Product and Team Manager
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